Parent Governor Spotlight

This Autumn, we’re shining a spotlight on our Parent Governor, Milena Bazelkova. She reflects on her experience as a parent and governor at Ark Acton Academy...
Parent Governor Spotlight

Tell us about your experience as a parent at Ark Acton Academy.

When we were looking for a high school for my son, we looked for one that values diversity, can face up to the challenges presented in society, and is part of the community. My son joined the school in 2015 when it was still known as Acton High School. Despite a turbulent first few years, during which the school transitioned to the current Ark Acton Academy, my son finished with very high GCSE scores. His experiences there gave him a good foundation for the future. The support from his teachers and the recognition of his abilities and needs was key to ensuring that he was seen as an individual during all the changes and stress that came with that. When it was time for my daughter to start secondary education in 2018, it was a natural transition to Ark Acton Academy, and I think she will agree with me that it has been a positive experience. She also completed her studies with very high GCSE scores, putting her in good stead to achieve great things!

When did you join the Local Governing Body?

I have been a governor at the school since 2018 – when it became Ark Acton Academy. This role has involved contributing towards ideas on how to raise standards, looking for what works well as well as what needs to be improved even further. I appreciate that as a governor I play an important role in shaping the effectiveness of the school, ensuring that its leadership and management meet the needs of each individual child as well as those of the wider school community. I have been impressed with the school’s proactive approach to seeking opportunities to ensure that they can offer bespoke support to children - supporting not only their academic progress, but also their holistic emotional and social needs.

We are currently looking for a Parent Governor to join the Local Governing Body. If you are interested, please complete an online application. If you would like more information about the role, please contact Sakina Marzban.