Address Gunnersbury Lane       


W3 8EY

Phone +44 (0)203 110 2400

In the event your child is absent please contact the school office and select the absence line, you will need to leave a clear message with your child's name, year, tutor group and the reason for the absence. It is school policy that you contact the school for every day that your child is absent. A text will be sent to parents if an absence is not reported. If we do not receive a reason for your child's absence it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. 

If you require a staff members email address please contact us on and a member of our admin team will provide it for you. 

Covid 19 Support 

We have a dedicated email address for you to report any concerns you have specifically about your child and their experience through this period. . An example may be that your child lost a grandparent to CV19 and is finding this difficult to come to terms with, or that they have serious anxieties around returning to school and will need support.

The email address is  -