Temporary system for buying School Uniform during COVID-19

Ways to purchase uniform:

  1. Visiting the Store

To visit the store, parents will need to call Sanco to make an appointment. Parents with appointments will be let in to the store at their scheduled time. Anyone without an appointment will have to wait in a queue and will only be able to be served if Sanco’s maximum numbers permit, in between parents who do have an appointment.

Please contact Sanco on 020 8570 9990 during their normal opening hours.

Their normal opening hours are:

  • 9am to 5.30pm Monday – Saturday
  • 11am to 4pm Sunday

Sanco are in process of setting up an online appointment booking system. As soon as it’s ready a link will be shared with all parents to access the booking system.

The appointments will be 20-30mins and the following rules apply:

  • Ideally only one adult per child/family to attend.
  • Sanco can take cash but would prefer credit/debit card.

  2.  Purchasing via Sanco website

Alternatively, parents can order from the Sanco at anytime using the following link below: