Curriculum Vision

Head of Department - Veejay Miller

Curriculum Map: PE Curriculum.pdf

Physical Education should ensure that students are able to lead a healthy active lifestyle and have the knowledge and understanding of training and anatomy, making them equipped to lead healthy, active lifestyles beyond education. The PE curriculum will increase the individual’s physical capacity and enrich students with experiences in a vast array of sports and activities, both team and individual, to help them find their passion. Students will study activities from handball to yoga, badminton to fitness along their journey with us, developing physical skills and understanding the theoretical knowledge to maintain good health and fitness.

At Ark Acton Academy we believe that education should broaden pupils’ horizons and encourage them to challenge and question. We believe it is important to take them beyond the everyday by providing them a wealth of different opportunities because this will enhance the pupils’ curiosity and aspirations. Regardless of their background, education should provide the knowledge and skills young people need to be successful in their everyday lives.

Physical education has the power to do this by offering opportunities to build character and embed values such as fairness, resilience and respect, which will support them as they push their limits. It enables all pupils to explore their physical characteristics as well as learn about themselves and others, as they face and overcome challenges. Pupils’ development of this subject does not end in the classroom, with students having the opportunity to experience interform competitions, external fixtures and sport for recreation through our extra-curricular programmes.

students should be able to leave with the knowledge and understanding of how to lead a healthy active lifestyle, keeping themselves fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, and how to apply this to their every-day life.

Subject Areas

  • Team games- invasion/ striking and fielding/ net games
  • Individual games and activities
  • Other competitive sports and activities- OAA, Dance, gymnastics, athletics
  • Problem solving
  • Theoretical knowledge

Key Concepts

  • Physical literacy/Fundamental movement skills
  • Health, Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Physical training
  • Analysis of performance/movement
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Personal Challenge