Curriculum Vision

Head of Department - Husain Al-Khoee

Curriculum Map: History Curriculum.pdf

Ark Acton we believe that the principal function of history is to develop ‘historically literate’ pupils who do not view the past as dead and buried but as a means to examine the world. As they progress through KS3 and into KS4 and 5, students learn to orient themselves in time and critically contextualise issues of the past to see their relevance today.

In order to do this, our curriculum aims to develop:

A) An extensive general knowledge of the past underpinned by strong understanding of historical concepts, such as Empire.

B) Strong conceptual understand underpinned by second order concepts such as interpretations.

We also need to understand that history should serve to develop inclusive communities, one where pupils can affirm their emerging identities with the curriculum and see their learning as meaningful. In order to do this, our curriculum incorporates world history, such as the Mali Empire, local history such as the Industrial Revolution and Acton and history of migration.

Subject Areas

Absolute Monarchy, Capitalism, Caliphate, Civil Liberties, Cleric, Church , Colonialism, Communism, Dictator, Executive, Fascism, Feminism Feudalism, Heresy, Imperialism, Industrialisation, Liberty, Papacy, Parliament, Patriarchy, Pilgrimage, Propaganda, Racism, Reform, Resistance, Revolution, Totalitarian, Treaty, Tyranny

Key Concepts

  • Causation
  • Interpretations
  • Significance
  • Change and Continuity
  • Similarity and Difference