Curriculum Vision

Head of Department - Leo Murphy

Curriculum Map: Business Curriculum.pdf

As a department we encourage and drive students to achieve their potential through a broad and engaging curriculum. This enables students to develop enterprising and employability skills whilst exploring real world opportunities. Preparing students for the ever-changing business environment is key to student development and their preparation for life after education whether it be University or a real alternative. Student’s learning is regularly adapted to relate to the current environment, challenging students to apply theory to relevant organisations and real-time news.

As a department we believe vocational skills are as equally important as academic results and so students are provided opportunities to develop both simultaneously. Both GCSE and BTEC Level 3 courses focus on building logical arguments for creating successful businesses and achieving specific Business or Economic decisions, based on knowledge and evidence from case studies or live business situations. The learning environments allows students to be independent and team learners, and develop a sound understanding of the world we live in.

When students reach 6th form, the students are enrolled on the Professional Pathways course, an additional vocational focused award, in addition to the BTEC Level 3 course. A component of this award requires students to partake in extra-curricular sessions, run by industry professionals. These take place externally meaning students go on trips three times a year to network and continually develop interpersonal skills. The sessions are used to support students conceptualise theory and apply it to live case studies.