In order to support your studies and preparation for the next phase in your education, the sixth form team has prepared a number of resources. The resources listed below will support you to make a smooth transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5. 

Pre- A level Classes in Seneca Learning 

How to use Senaca Learning.pdf

Pre A level Classroom Codes.pdf

KS5 Reading list

A level reading list April 2020.pdf

Pre U Reading Lists.pdf

Prefered subjects for Year 11 and 12.pdf

Bridging tasks for A level subjects 

PiXL Gateway Progression - English.pdf

PiXL Gateway Progression - History.pdf

PiXL Gateway Progression - Geography.pdf

PiXL Gateway Progression - Psychology.pdf

PiXL Gateway Progression - Sociology.pdf

PiXL Gateway Progression - Economics.pdf

PiXL Gateway Progression - Politics Edexcel.pdf

PiXL Gateway Progression - Maths.pdf

Edexcel Transition Maths pack for Year 12 2021.pdf

PiXL Gateway Transition Science Biology.pdf

PiXL Gateway Biology Masterclass - Biology Booklet.pdf

PiXL Gateway Transition Science Chemistry.pdf

PiXL Gateway Chemistry Masterclass - Chemistry Booklet.pdf

PiXL Gateway Transition - Science Physics.pdf

Bridging tasks for professional pathway business

PiXL Gateway Progression - Business.pdf

Subjects to careers link

PiXL Progression - Creative and Performing Arts (Year 11-12).docx

PiXL Progression - English, Media and MFL (Year 11-12).docx

PiXL Progression - IT, Computer Science and Business (Year 11-12).docx

PiXL Progression - Science, Maths and Engineering (Year 11-12).docx

PiXL Progression - Sports (Year 11-12).docx

It is  important  that you maintain momentum and continue to demonstrate a scholarly attitude.The bridging tasks have been developed by discipline experts and address the key concepts needed to make a successful start in that subject. The completion of these tasks is absolutely essential and if you do not complete them you are putting your place in the sixth form at risk.