Professional conduct

Our expectations of our students are extremely high. We aim to help you maximise your academic achievement and to be prepared for a professional career, either as a university graduate or direct from sixth form. We therefore expect all students to conduct themselves accordingly — as young adults in a professional workplace. This is crucial to maintaining good working relationships with staff and other students, and to ensuring that we can all be held accountable for behaving with honesty, fairness and respect towards one another.

Professional dress code

We ask you to dress for a formal, professional workplace, consistent with the ethos of all the partnership schools. This helps reinforce our expectations of conduct and work ethic, while underpinning the culture of equality and respect across our schools. If you have any questions about dress code, just ask one of the sixth form team.

Professional work ethic

We encourage our students to adopt a professional attitude to managing their time and workload in sixth form. You will have several lessons a week that are designated study periods, when you are expected to be on site and studying in one of our purpose-built sixth form spaces. We will make sure that you receive enough work and support from your teachers to make good use of your time, and you will also have a planner to help you organise your work. The most important thing is your personal commitment to making the most of this time outside of lessons. This is vital in ensuring you make the strong progress required to achieve well at the end of sixth form.