Ark Acton Academy takes seriously its responsibility to protect and promote the safety and welfare of our students. We recognise this responsibility extends to how we manage the use of still and video images of students and have put in place appropriate safeguards.

At the stage of admissions, all parents are informed that their child's image may be used in marketing, promotional and educational material produced by Ark Acton Academy and the wider Ark Schools network. Parents are asked to sign a release form (see below for details) and have the right to opt-out. Where parents have opted out, we take steps to ensure their child's image is not identifiable in any of our materials.

Sample Release Statement

All parents are asked to sign up to the following statement:

The Academy sometimes takes photographs/videos of pupils. We use these photos/videos in the Academy’s prospectus, on social media, on the Academy’s and Ark's website and on display boards around the Academy.

We would like your consent to take photos or video recordings of your child, and use them in the ways described above. If you’re not happy for us to do this – we will accommodate your preferences.

Please tick the relevant box(es) below:

-  I consent to the Academy/Ark Schools taking photos/videos of my child

-  I consent to the use of photos/videos of my child in internal displays

-  I consent to the use of photos/videos of my child on the Academy/Ark website, in social media feeds and in publications

-  I am NOT happy for the Academy to take any photos/videos of my child, or use any photos/videos of my child.

Please view our privacy notice at the top of this page

Further Information

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Ark Acton Academy's policy on the use of digital stills and video of students, please contact the school on 0203 110 2400 or by email on