Sixth Form Leadership programme

As part of our Year 12 Leadership programme, all Year 12 students have signed up to lead projects involving reading, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), wellbeing and sports. Last term, a group of Year 12 Reading Leaders went to Berrymede Primary School to support high attaining Year 4 and 5 pupils to develop their passion for poetry.



On 18th January, our Sixth Form Maths coaches visited East Acton Primary School to challenge Year 6 students with GCSE Maths work. After an hour of hard work, it was clear to see that these young learners are going to be extremely successful mathematicians in the future. We are extremely proud that our students not only want to give back to their own community but they also feel empowered to truly inspire future generation.

To find out more information about transition and primary schools link work - contact Jenny Lok (Assistant Principal)