The Samsung Space Bus

On Wednesday 21st November the Samsung Space Bus landed at Ark Acton Academy. Our school was lucky enough to win the virtual reality competition which brought the Space decent bus to our school for our year 7 and 6th form students. This Space bus was on a mission to spark curiosity and lifelong learning for our students and gave individuals the opportunity to be away from the confines of the classroom and enrich their learning experience. This day was a truly unforgettable experience.

The Samsung Space Bus is in partnership with the Science Museum and was created to allow students to take part in Tim Peake’s space decent to Earth. Students at Ark Acton Academy were able to strap on and experience the incredible decent from the international space station in stunning virtual reality. “I’m so glad Ark Acton Academy got to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity” (Alena Arnaoudova 7R).

This very special double decker bus allowed our students to envision what it would feel like to undertake missions from the international space station “We also got to do space training which was honestly my favourite activity on the mesmerising space bus” (Seriyah Chaba 7R). These missions included rocket training- mixing rocket fuel, learning about physics of space and to film their own spacewalk.

Through the power of technology our students were able to see just how far Science can take us. All year 7 and 6th form students were truly engaged with all of the activities and learnt many facts which they still speak about to this day. “We all asked so many questions. We had so much fun- 10 out of 10! It was good for all of us as we learnt so much.” (Tarla Martin 7T).

Students at Ark Acton Academy were also lucky enough to be joined by our local MP Rupa Huq and they shared the experience together of jumping on board the Samsung Space bus and “recreating intergalactic trip to the heavens above”.

Overall it was a fantastic day with great memories for our students “I felt like Tim Peake as he bravely went up to space for our country for 185 days. The space bus was incredible and it felt like I was in a real space ship” (Josue Konda 7R)

Natalie Murphy

Pastoral Leader for Year 7