Sixth Formers take a trip to Poland

Friday 23 August 2013

In July, a group of Year 12 students visited Poland to see the Auschwitz concentration camps and the nearby city of Krakow.

The ten students began with a guided tour of the Auschwitz One and Two Nazi concentration camps where they learnt more about the horrors of the holocaust and saw for themselves some of the buildings and artefacts left from the events that took place there.

They were fortunate that their visit coincided with that of well-known holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor and were able to listen to her personal testimony, which included her reading a letter she had written to her father.

The group were also able to see some of nearby Krakow, including the city centre, world-famous university and ghetto area.

Lucas Liorancas and Kamiah Dawkins-Grant, two of the students who went on the trip, said: “This was an eye-opening experience that you would never truly understand without having been there. It both helps you understand the impact of these events on the generations that came afterwards and reflect on how diverse society has become now.”

Our sincere thanks go to the Chesterhill Trust for its very generous sponsorship of this life-changing experience.