Prospective Year 6 parents' open events

Monday 21 September 2020

Welcome to Ark Acton Academy. I am sorry that we cannot currently run tours of the school or host our popular open events. However, we are extremely proud of our students and staff and so we have put together this short video that will hopefully let you find out more about life at Ark Acton.

I hope that you enjoy the video and that the academy website provides you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Our 6th form already out-performs most other 6th forms nationally and now is a great time to join us as we accelerate towards being the very best school in West London.

  1. As an Ark School we have access to their world-class curriculum and teacher development programmes as well as their Initial Teacher Training Programme.
  2. All Ark schools have a vision that is underpinned and guided by Ark’s 6 Pillars. This means that at Ark Acton we:
  3. Set high expectations for all our pupils and do whatever it takes to meet them
  4. Recruit and develop excellent teachers
  5. Have knowledge-rich, cumulative and coherent curricula that enable not only great outcomes but raise aspirations, inspire lifelong curiosity and underpin a love of learning
  6. Nurture a love of reading and provide more time for English and Maths.
  7. Track pupil progress very carefully and work with pupils, their parents and teachers to ensure pupils secure great outcomes that enable them to go on to further study in areas they are passionate about
  8. Know every child really well
  9. Develop calm, orderly, purposeful and fun environments
  10. Intentionally develop character
  11. Run extensive enrichment and extra-curricular programmes and activities
  12. Have detailed and rigorous risk assessments to mitigate against Covid and are absolutely committed to keeping schools safe and open.
  13. Are implementing a laptop for every child policy
  14. Have very well developed plans in place to run effective blended or fully virtual learning if the need arises
  15. Run dedicated academic intervention programmes for pupils who fall behind
  16. Provide a range of post 16 options to meet the aspirations, needs and capabilities of our pupils.

Click here to watch our welcome and virtual tour video