HS2 STEM workshop

Monday 25 February 2019

In February, Year 7 students were given the opportunity to participate in a whole day STEM EPIC workshop by HS2. The event was delivered by Jack Tame and HS2 staff.  

The day began with all students reflecting on their own skills attributes and how these can be used as STEMPowers. They then met the EPIC team to learn how their own STEMPowers could lead to STEM careers. As the day progressed, Year 7 students  took part in the ‘Stations of the Future Activity’, where they designed a railway station of the future, this involved the use of exciting immersive technology.  In order to meet this challenge, students had to demonstrate skills such as teamwork, creativity and communication. 

Year 7 students also learned about gravity and structure through the engineering tasks and designed and built a tunnel structures using only limited resources. All students thoroughly enjoyed the day, leaving the session feeling as though their STEMPowers had grown and that they were ready to take the next steps towards a STEM career.