2018 Results

The new year has seen some promising improvement in results at Ark Acton. At Key Stage 4 the number of students achieving grade 4+ in both English and Maths increased for the second consecutive year.  55% of students attained Grade 4+ in both subjects.  The percentage of the year group gaining a grade 4 or higher in English increased to 62% and in Maths was 63%.  The number of students achieving grade 4+ in five or more subjects was 50%.

24% of the year group achieved the English Baccalaureate at Grade 4 or higher.  Within the Ebacc subjects grades in Science improved significantly with 56% of students achieving grade 4+ in two sciences.

The Attainment 8 score for the school this year increased to 40.75 and the school’s Progress 8 score also improved.

There is significant progress being made and this will only increase further with the combination of new teaching techniques; really strong discipline and routines; and further targeted focus on enrichment and intervention during academic year 2018-19.

At A Level the number of A*-C grades was inline with expected and well over a third of students achieved grades at A*-B. 

There were strong performances across a wide range of subjects: Chemistry, Sociology, Psychology and Photography. 

The top students in the year group performed incredibly well the highlights being:

Hashem Polad– A*, A, A going on to read Theoretical Physics at UCL

Zarrar Chaudry - A, A, A, A, A going to read Chemical Engineering at UCL

Lawrence Jarrett – A, A, A, A going on to read Maths and Physics at Warwick University

Habiba Elkholy – A, A, A going on to read Dentistry at Manchester University

Karam Kasli - A, A, B going on to read Aerospace Engineering at Southampton University

Jasper Lee - A, A, B going to read Accounting and Finance at Warwick University