We want every one of our students to achieve the Academy mission of thriving at University or a real alternative. This means that we must maintain the same expectations and ambition for every student in the academy. In order to do this we deploy a range of strategies that focus on a high challenge, low threshold model of support to enable all students to access and succeed in our ambitious curriculum vision.
In practice this means that all pupils always work to the same learning objective every lesson: the same curriculum is available to all. Teachers plan for the fact that some students will need more scaffolding; others will require a greater challenge. We aim to meet the academic needs of all learners every lesson through the use of our core pedagogical strategies or 5 Habits. These 5 habits are:

  1. daily retrieval practice;
  2. frame each learning sequence around a key question,
  3. model how to apply the steps to success;
  4. plan for deliberate practice,
  5. check understanding of core knowledge and use this to inform future planning.

We therefore have a model where pupils learn in a carefully planned mixed-attainment group in Key Stage 3. Teachers use data to drive their in-the-moment responses to pupil learning, strategically gathering pupils’ knowledge and understanding through our codified model of Checking for Understanding. This allows for intervention at the point of error, through real-time feedback and live class or group re-teaching.

We also have a codified set of processes to ensure any student with SEND is fully supported. These include:

  • Booklets that focus on the core knowledge and skills
  • All teachers have an appraisal objective linked to SEND pedagogical strategies
  • Intentional Monitoring and live feedback
  • Targeted questioning and Checking For Understanding
  • TA deployment and strategies
  • Data-led seating plans

It is our goal to ensure that all students have the support necessary to empower them to thrive academically and make positive contributions to life at Ark Acton. Our Inclusion Department works closely with parents, teachers and the students themselves, to help overcome any barriers to learning that students may face on their journey towards adult life.