At Ark Acton Academy we believe that in order for our students to lead a happy and successful life they not only need strong academic results but also to have developed key ‘life skills’ that will help them get on in the workplace.

We define ‘life skills’ as confidence, articulacy, social skills and team work. The experiences that enable young people to develop these skills are the bread and butter of the private school system but are sorely lacking from many state schools. In order to address this imbalance and to ensure that our students can stand shoulder to shoulder with a student from a private school and compete on an equal footing we have designed a co-curricular programme.

Our co-curricular programme consists of 3 strands. These strands are:

     A.   The Ark Acton extended day – this is an after-school programme that provides space

            for additional sporting experiences.

     B.   Drop Down days – these are days where the normal timetable is suspended and

            students spend more time intensively studying a curriculum area or developing a

            particular life skill.

     C.   Debating & Public speaking - This is a co-ordinated programme of debating and 

            public-speaking for all year groups.

It is our ambition that these experiences are not just for the few but form part of the normal school experience for every single one of our students. It is our aim that by 2022 every single student at Ark Acton experiences a minimum of 2 of the above 3 strands every academic year.

     A.    Extended day - raising aspirations and developing passions.

  1. The Ark Acton Academy extended day will engage pupils with school and provide them with experiences and opportunities over and above the taught curriculum.
  2. The extended day will grow to scale by 2022 so that it involves Y7-Y10. Y11 will use this time for exam preparation.
  3. The extended day will focus on experiences that connect to the Academy vision. The extended day will also be a vehicle to enable the Academy to meet its ambition for all students to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh programme. The set experiences will be as follows and will operate on a different day for each year group.
  • Sport
  • Coding club
  • D of E Volunteering
  • Debating/ public speaking
  • Drama
  • Musical instrument/ ensemble.


Co-curricular programme 

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The clubs lists will be updated and ready for Autumn Term 2

SpringTerm 1 Clubs list 

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