How does memory work?

  • When we learn something new it is stored in our short-term memory.
  • We start forgetting almost instantly – this is why new directions are hard to remember.
  • If we test ourselves (without looking) and re-learn what we have forgotten we start to store the knowledge in long-term memory.
  • We NEVER forget information in our long-term memory – this is why we all remember our childhood phone number.
  • If we repeatedly test ourselves (without looking) over time until we get 100% again and again the knowledge is stored deeper.

Autumn Term 22/23

PDF iconYear 7 Autumn Knowledge Booklet .pdf

PDF iconYear 8 Autumn Knowledge Booklet.pdf

PDF iconYear 9 Autumn Knowledge Booklet .pdf

PDF iconYear 10 Autumn Knowledge Booklet .pdf

Summer Term 21/22

PDF iconYear 7 Summer Knowledge Booklet.pdf

PDF iconYear 8 Summer Knowledge Booklet.pdf

PDF iconYear 9 Summer Knowledge Booklet.pdf

PDF iconYear 10 Summer Knowledge Booklet.pdf

Spring Term 21/22

Year 7 Spring Knowledge Booklet.pdf

Year 8 Spring Knowledge Booklet.pdf

Year 9 Spring Knowledge Booklet.pdf

Year 10 Spring Knowledge Booklet.pdf

Year 11 Spring Knowledge Booklet.pdf

What is a Knowledge Booklet?

A Knowledge Booklet is:

  • Only the core (or essential) knowledge for a subject.
  • Designed to be easy to use.
  • All in one place.
  • Made by your teachers for you.

A Knowledge Booklet is not:

  • Everything you need to know or do in a subject.

How do we use a Knowledge Booklet?

We use a Knowledge Booklet to self-quiz and test ourselves.

  • The goal is to get as much of the information from the booklet into our heads and for it to stay there.
  • The most successful students will know everything in the booklet without looking after a period of time.
  • The easiest way to self-quiz is to use Look Cover Write Check.

2min Video - How to self-test do we make sure that we remember it in 6 months?

Even though you have just learnt something, you will already be forgetting it after several minutes..

They are only in your short-term memory

By this time tomorrow, you will probably only remember 1/3 of this information.

  • That is why you must self-quiz on the same blocks again and again.  Even if you start getting 100%
  • Do this across weeks and months to store them deeper in your long-term memory.
  • You probably need x6+ attempts over 6 months