Curriculum Vision

Head of Department - Helen Willey

Art and Design at Ark Acton Academy enables our students to develop skills and access the powerful knowledge of Art, recognising how Art has shaped our society over time.

This is achieved through sequential studies of observation and practical investigation, ranging from skills developed through the formal elements of drawing, to the analysis of artists work and the exploration of materials to inform practical outcomes.

At Key Stage three students gain knowledge of the formal elements of drawing through a series of studies and should be able to describe their work using subject specific vocabulary. Students begin to explore and develop a deeper knowledge of Art through the study of artists, practical application of skills, and through their ability to analyse, articulate and communicate this.

At Key Stage Four students further deepen their knowledge of Art through sustained and focussed study of artists, and the context of their work, developing skills in the application of different medium. Inspired both by the work of artists, students develop their own purposeful investigations to inform their art portfolio leading to developed outcomes.

All students should leave Ark Acton with the knowledge and skills to confidently challenge and question thinking and ideas, both within the broader world of Art, and in the wider context of the world.

Subject Areas


  • The Formal Elements of Art and Design:
  • What is needed to create composition:
  • Line, shape, form, tone, contrast, texture, pattern, colour, proportion, space, composition, mark making.

The Principles of Art and Design:

  • How the elements of art are used:
  • Balance (symmetry/asymmetry), Rhythm, Contrast, Movement, Proportion.-Mastery of traditional technique for observational drawing

Key Concepts

  • Proficiency in the handling of different materials:
  • Drawing and Mark Making, Graphite, Pencil, Pen, Ink, Charcoal, Soft Pastel, Oil Pastel
  • Painting, watercolour, acrylic, poster colour
  • Printmaking, monoprint, relief, batik
  • Sculpture, clay, Relief, textiles, card, found objects
  • Lens based, digital, montage, mixed media
  • Analysing and evaluating students own work, and that of others, in order to strengthen the visual impact or applications of their work