Modern Foreign Languages

The Languages department is a dedicated and driven team who work together to provide an enriched, engaging and authentic learning experience. Research findings from the European Commission (2015) indicate that knowing foreign languages and being proficient in them is an important factor for being employed. We collaboratively strive to enhance pupils’ love of language learning and offer them every opportunity to develop confidence and linguistic mastery.

Pupils are able to explore the culture and traditions of France and Spain and, through our classrooms, take an interest in in an ever-globalised world. They develop their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills through a variety of topics including personal and social life. We also offer visits abroad and also local trips to theatres and universities.

Throughout KS3 & 4, pupils build on analytical skills that will lend themselves to wider academic development and also socially. We also support with students who wish to achieve a GCSE in their home language, these include: Arabic, Polish and more.

Our exam board is AQA and the course books we use are:

  • French – Allez 1 & 2
  • Spanish – Zoom 1 & 2    
  • AQA GCSE French Higher / Foundation
  • AQA GCSE Spanish Higher / Foundation

The following websites offer useful home learning and revision: * *