Physical Education

Physical Education is vital for the development of any young person. The physical, mental and social attributes that can be accessed are not available in this abundance in any other subject. Participation in physical activity is a life skill that will lead to improvement in social skills, body awareness, teamwork and overall health and wellbeing. We look to provide students with the opportunities to prosper in a range of sporting settings and actively encourage lifelong participation. For those students wishing to further develop and build on their existing skill sets we also provide a variety of pathways to nurture their development in the pursuit of excellence.

Sport and PE at Ark Acton Academy is a defining feature of the school. Students are taught to develop and refine their physical skills alongside enhancing their evaluative and decision-making techniques in increasingly complex situations. This is underpinned by an emphasis on the importance of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle and the life-long benefits thereof.

Specialist coaches enrich the extra-curricular timetable through the delivery of basketball, hockey and cricket, complimenting a diverse and comprehensive extra-curricular programme where Ark Acton compete at a London, regional and national level. We field teams in football, netball, basketball, cricket, badminton, tennis, table tennis, athletics and cross country. We offer clubs in all these sports to prepare students for the various competitions we enter.

At Key Stage 3 students in year 7 & 8 complete fitness testing to order to set classes and allow students to work in classes of similar ability. Students take lessons in table tennis, badminton, netball, handball, athletics and tennis. In year 9 students have the option to choose from 4 different pathways; GCSE, games, fitness or aesthetics. We believe that offering personal choice encourages high participation and effort levels.

At Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to follow a range of certificated courses as part of their options. GCSE physical education and BTEC sport are the most common options. Core lessons in year 10 & 11 give the students the option to participate in sports that they choose at the start of each term.

AT Key Stage 5 we offer BTEC L3 sport and encourage all our KS5 students to participate in some form of sport or fitness every week.