We aim to develop your English skills by giving you the opportunity to read a range of the best literature written in the English language.  We want to see you make real progress in your writing too so you will be given increasingly more challenging tasks to help you develop your writing style.

Universities and employers will want you to achieve at least a Grade 5 in English – so that is our minimum expectation for everyone.  Obviously the English department wants you to achieve a Grade 9 by the end of your time at Ark Acton.  We will aim to ensure you have every opportunity to achieve this.

Key Stage 3

The English department at Ark Acton Academy provides a challenging curriculum for students to develop key reading and writing skills which will be excellent preparation for more advanced study. We want to encourage a life-long belief in the power, pleasure and rewards of reading widely and deeply. Written skills are also essential for students to be able to express ideas clearly and confidently as they progress through the school. Lessons give students frequent opportunities to build confidence in expressing opinions, reading aloud, and arguing a point of view. Student progress in English is paramount and teachers will ensure that learning needs are identified and addressed as required.

Key Stage 4

Students study the AQA specifications for GCSE English Language and English Literature. The department believes that preparation for the GCSE examinations is an excellent opportunity for students to develop analytical skills in reading and to develop further a range of writing skills depending on purpose and audience. GCSE English is a natural progression from the Key Stage 3 curriculum and students will have further opportunities to become confident speakers in lessons and wider school life. We will provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum to ensure that every student has the opportunity to realise his or her potential.

Key Stage 5

Students electing to study Advanced level English Literature will follow the AQA English Literature Syllabus B. The department believes this course of study provides a stimulating, broad, and challenging experience of the very best texts English Literature has to offer - from traditional works such as Shakespeare’s Othello and Thomas Hardy’s poetry to Arthur Miller’s Death of Salesman, students will find the course fascinating as well as being able to develop independent study skills and deepen their critical abilities.