Curriculum aims

Our vision for our Mastery Curriculum:

Our curriculum design will enable pupils to develop a framework of knowledge and understanding in each subject area that provides a solid foundation for further study.

Our curriculum will be planned backwards from university in each subject area, ensuring pupils master key learning before moving on. It will be a knowledge rich curriculum where what pupils are learning about is as important as the skills they are developing. More time for English and maths will ensure that pupils develop literacy and numeracy skills to a very high level. Assessments will test mastery of the content by requiring pupils to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and application independently and in unseen contexts. Exam weeks will be held three times a year. End of year exams will test mastery of the whole year’s learning. Revision will be built into the curriculum because new problems are designed to draw upon and utilise prior learning. The focus on developing depth of understanding and mastery means that pupils will experience the deep satisfaction derived from grappling with and grasping challenging content, which in turn supports the development of a growth mindset. It also means that they will be developing a solid framework of understanding and set of skills that support all future learning in that subject area. The rigour of the curriculum will be reflected in the curriculum planning documents, high quality teaching, pupil work and the feedback that pupils receive.

Purpose of our Curriculum Maps:

Our curriculum maps are the cornerstone of our curriculum at Ark Acton. They show how content links across terms, year groups and key stages. They provide a clear, coherent and consistent map of content that is taught from Year 13 to Year 7 and they define with clarity the reasons for what we teach and why each of our subjects are an important part of our subject offer. They are the overview which is built on by our medium-term plans.

ACT Curriculum Maps Final.pdf