Assessment at Ark Acton uses the common assessment across all Ark schools. 

Students in Year 11 will have three interim assessments before taking their final external exams in May. The first assessment is in October, followed by the end of November, and March.

Years 7-10 have assessments at the end of each term. Students will be provided with a timetable and revision material for each of these assessment periods.

Summer Term Assessment June 2019

Please click below for the Summer 2 assessment timetables for Year 7 to 10. Details are given  for the core subjects. 

Summer 2 Assessments_Year 7.pdf

Summer 2 Assessments_Year 8.pdf

 Summer 2 Assessments_Year 9.pdf

Summer 2 Assessments - Year 10 - For Students.pdf

Year 12 Assessment timetable

Year 12 assessment point 3 June 2019 web.pdf



Revision lists for all year groups Revision lists for Assessment 3 June 2019.pdf

Spring 2 Assessments 

Spring 2 Assessments will run from Monday 25th February to Friday 8th March 2019 

Please see below for individual year group's assessment timetable.

Ark Acton - Letter to Parents - Half term Sessions.pdf

KS5 Spring assessment.pdf

Spring 2 Assessments - Year 11.pdf

Spring 2 Assessments - Year 10.pdf

Spring 2 Assessments - Year 9.pdf

Spring 2 Assessments - Year 8.pdf

Spring 2 Assessments - Year 7.pdf